Midlands Meander Education Project


Sustainable energy sources

- 7 November, 2017

Making your own windmill as part of a lesson on sustainable energy transforms dry theory into exciting practice for these learners. Teaching children about alternative sources of energy is so important and interactive learning makes for an unforgettable lesson. These windmill models are displayed in the classroom and keep the...
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Witness article

- 2 November, 2017


Seedling donation

- 30 October, 2017

Big thanks to Sunshine Seedling Services for their generous donation. These vegetable seedlings will be planted in our school food-gardens to supplement the children's meals. Learning to grow their own food is a skill that will benefit these children throughout their lives.

Stories lead to fun experiments

- 23 October, 2017

A stash of recycled tins, string and some very intrigued (and somewhat skeptical) children and the result is a lesson of fun discovery. We read a story last month where the characters used a 'phone' like this and none of the class knew what they were which prompted this activity.

World Food Day

- 16 October, 2017

Teaching children to grow their own food also teaches them about healthy eating and fosters environmental awareness. The pride they feel in nurturing and harvesting their own vegetables is an added bonus. Happy #WorldFoodDay everyone!

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