Midlands Meander Education Project


Recycled Musical Instruments

- 11 July, 2019

This term, students are learning about sound energy. To visualize the lesson, the kids had to make instruments out of recycled components. Using boxes, tins, plastic pipes, and other things found on the property, they produced wonderful creations!


- 6 May, 2019

As much as recycling is growing in Howick, it is still a challenge in our outlying rural communities. Eco-bricks are a great solution in getting rid of excess waste, and turning it into building blocks that they can use to make structures that will benefit them.

Solar System Model

- 11 November, 2018

It's difficult to make a solar system to scale, but one of our schools showed great initiative! Using a parabolic cooker as a frame, these learners put together a beautiful display of the planets.

Umgeni Valley fun

- 20 January, 2018

  As part of our training and prep for 2018 we spent an afternoon working on outdoor lessons at Umgeni Valley Nature Reserve.  The reserve is so beautiful and we're incredibly lucky to have this resource on our doorstep. Thanks to Umgeni Valley for hosting us.

Holiday wishes

- 11 December, 2017

Thank you for your ongoing support. Happy holidays with love from us all at the MMEP.

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